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Herb-All Organic Trading Corporation is an importation and manufacturing company with its main office based in 67D DON MATIAS ST., UNIT 4-D TURNBERRY PLACE , DON ANTONIO HTS. (SOUTH GATE) BARANGAY HOLY SPIRIT. COMMONWEALTH QUEZON CITY 1127. It was established in October 2008 by Miss Maritoni Fernandez along with the support of her partners who specialize in distribution and other family members who believe and attribute Miss Fernandez’ well-being to the use of Holistic Care such as alternative medication, proper diet, lifestyle and nutrition. Thus, it is the company’s goal to educate and help other members of our society do the same thing.

Herb-All Organic Trading Corporation started from Miss Fernandez’ wanting to educate and impart the knowledge she discovered while undergoing treatments for breast cancer in early 2001. She wanted to help others help themselves and enable them to live healthier fuller sick free lives. Through Herb-All Organic Trading Corp. Miss Fernandez is able to reach many people and teach them the concepts of positive energy and that healing starts from within ones mindset. That it is not from sickness that one should attempt to heal ones self but from wellness, one should strive to reach optimum health.

Herb-All Organic Trading Corporation imports the best quality young barley powder in the world from no less than Australia. The product is then locally packaged by Glomar Philippines and distributed by MERCURY DRUGSTORES WATSON OUTLETS & soon SOUTH STAR DRUG as well as a few chosen supermarkets nationwide. We are dedicated to giving the Filipino people the best solution to preventing and healing sickness at the most affordable price. We aim to disseminate, encourage and educate every member of our society. This is backed up by seminars by no less than Miss Fernandez herself as she openly shares her first hand experience with cancer, imparting to our general populace the best way to efficiently and effectively prevent sickness through natural healing and food supplements which she personally takes everyday.

Miss Fernandez’ testimony and the fact that she is a survivor of cancer for over thirteen years now is what our company stands on. We believe that there is more to healing than just mainstream medication. We believe that going back to the basics is more often the best solution. We believe in the power of Natural Healing and in the power of healing through nature, which oftentimes is the best solution!
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